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The following scenarios are available for download. These scenarios allow you to play games written by other Royal Escort players!  Simply click the link to download the file.  Select Save As... and save it in your Royal Escort folder, or choose Open to play it right now!

Name Players Description Author Download
Chess 1-2 Play a unique take on the game of chess. Best when played with Chess unit pictures. A3W Chess (2).def
Close Quarters 1-4 Total annihilation is the only way to win this fast-paced scenario. Build your defenses quickly to survive. A3W Close Quarters (2 or 4).def
Crowd Control 1-4 The war council of four neighboring rulers hired more cavalry than it could support. They figured that they could solve their problem with a war. Each council arranged for the entire army of cavalry to meet on one field. A3W Crowd Control (4).def
Desperate Odds 1 Three kings have built their castle next to yours. A sudden increase in their army size has prompted you to take a defensive position. Now the situation has grown so that war is imminent. It looks as if the three kings have plotted against you from the beginning. This will be the true test of your skills. A3W Desperate Odds (1).def
Field of Battle 1-4 You face your opponent with equal forces. Only one side may survive! A3W Field of Battle (2 or 4).def
Forced Alliance 1-2 Green and Blue have been feuding for years, but now two strong enemies face them together. Neither Green or Blue has the strength to defeat them both, only together as a team do they have a chance. A3W Forced Alliance (2).def
Free the Captured 1-2 The red army has captured your King and Queen and are holding them captive at separate heavily guarded installations. Can you free the captured? K. M. Free the Captured (2).def
Last Hope 1-4 Your kingdom's army is down to the last few units. The treasury is almost dry, and enemies threaten your borders. Can you survive? A3W Last Hope (2-4).def
Maze 1 Your King has been out exploring and is ready to come home. The only problem is that he forgot the way he came. Lead your King back to the Queen at the keep. A3W Maze (1).def
Monastery 1-4 The local monasteries' disagreements in religious matters have grown beyond words. Show the others that you follow the true religion. Sheltering lost people you find will be rewarded. A3W Monastery (2-4).def
Peasant Swarm 1 Your cavalry are ambushed by what seems like an endless supply of peasants. Can you win the day? For a harder challenge, set player 4 to Computer. A3W Peasant Swarm (1).def
Propaganda 1- 2 Get your queen and king with their bodyguards to the castle before the peasants and their leader get there. D. H. Propaganda (2).def
Property Line 1-4 A property line dispute has caused the red and green players each to build a wall. It is time to choose sides and settle this once and for all. A3W Property Line (2 or 4).def
Suicide 1- 2 You face an enemy which is armed with catapults and lots of heavy troops. Attacking them would be suicide. That's why you brought your own force to bear. Lots of money helps, too. A3W Suicide (2).def


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