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Based on the original Star Trek game, this strategy action game puts you in the Captain's chair of the Enterprise, defending the Federation against its enemies. Choose from four mission types which determines your ultimate goal, whether it be to explore the stars for intelligent life, or to push back the enemy in the ongoing war.  As time goes on, the galaxy learns new technology which can be used to improve your ship, and possibly help you defend the Federation against its strongest enemy...

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"One of the better and 'classier' Trek shareware game, this is starship simulation / strategy at its best: the standard kill-all-enemies goal is enhanced by cool strategic elements, such as starship technology which allows upgrades as time goes by, and (in the registered version) the ability to capture Klingon bases and have them work for you :)"

The Star Trek Games Collection   

System Requirements

Star Trek for Windows 9x will run on any version of Windows, and was originally designed to run on slower machines, even a 486. We do, however, recommend that your display be set at more than 256 colors. Install requires 20 MB free disk space.

Game Features

  • Klingon starbase (can be captured in the registered version)
  • Visit the solar systems around each star and talk with alien races
  • 40 ship upgrades
  • 5 additional ship functions which can be retrofitted in during the game
  • 3 "special" solar systems, including mini-adventures, plus more available for download
  • Solar System Designer available to make your own adventures
  • The BadGuy - the toughest enemy of the Federation (only in the registered version)
  • Download language packs to translate Star Trek into the language of your choice
  • Get all of this on CD-ROM, plus full licenses for Star Trek and Solar System Designer!


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