Solar Systems

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To install these add on packs for Star Trek for Windows 9x, extract them to a temporary directory and run SETUP.EXE.  Either let the program find your Star Trek folder for you, or click the Browse button to point to the folder yourself.

These systems were created using the Solar System Designer.  Download it today and see where your imagination takes you!

Solar System Packs

Planet/System Size
Author Language


22 Yes Andy3ware English Explore the domed colony and find treasure & technology. Largest adventure yet!
18 Yes Andy3ware English Beam down for an adventure and discover the secret of Xaandu's Eye!
1468 Yes Andy3ware English Visit Earth, get upgrades, more time, and BadGuy retrofits.  Realistic orbital views with Earth animation.
40 Erdani
15 Yes Andy3ware English Visit the Vulcan homeworld and get BadGuy retrofits.  See the special trinary star.

- The name of the main (inhabited) planet, followed by the name of the system.
Size - The size of the download in kilobytes.
High Score - Indicates whether captains visiting this system are allowed to get a high score posting.
Author - The creator of the system.
Language - The language that the messages from the planet are written in.
Description - A short description of the solar system.


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