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This is a list of the best starship captains around the world. To get on this list, you must score a rating higher than 100%, and send in the high score code that the program gives you when you finish your game. By popular demand, players may now have more than one entry, and I have increased the size of the table and may yet do so again. Congratulations courageous captains.

# Name Rating Mission Complete Skill Length Date & Time Comments
1Clinton Kirk 305.3%Clear Galaxy Yes 43 9/3 01:16 :)
2ClintonKirk 295.6%Clear Galaxy Yes 5312/13 02:48 MAKING THE GALAXY SAFE FOR PROSPERITY
3Dalski 295.5%Standard Yes203 9/22 06:37 The B*** Hunter strikes again...
4Rellevart 283.0%Standard Yes203 6/25 13:50 There ya go top that.
5Robbie Richardson 282.6%Clear Galaxy Yes 73 3/29 01:06 Close
6Crisman 276.7%Clear Galaxy Yes20311/12 09:58 Too easy!
7ClintonKirk 260.4%Clear Galaxy Yes 6312/12 04:50 Best yet
8Cocorico' 254.7%Clear Galaxy Yes203 4/14 03:21
9Crisman 254.6%Clear Galaxy Yes103 11/9 09:42
10JD TATUM 252.1%Clear Galaxy Yes20310/22 13:34 All this and Spock did absolutely squat!!!!!
11Big Bad Bob 246.3%Clear Galaxy Yes203 3/1 00:56 I'm Back!!
12Robbie Richardson 232.0%Clear Galaxy Yes203 9/8 07:02 My Best Score Yet!
13Bernie Weintraub 231.8%Standard Yes203 6/23 14:14 231+ now maybe on top?
14Robbie Richardson 228.9%Clear Galaxy Yes103 1/21 15:08 Got 'Em
15Rellevart 227.2%Standard Yes203 6/15 09:14 I don't think it get's much better than this
16Cesare 226.7%Standard Yes203 10/6 01:40
17Bill Sjostedt 225.5%Clear Galaxy Yes10310/30 15:58
18Bill Sjostedt 223.5%Clear Galaxy Yes203 12/5 04:12
19Terrell 218.6%Standard Yes203 9/6 07:35 So, what do I win?
20npa 216.0%Clear Galaxy Yes 73 7/2 02:07
21npa 215.8%Clear Galaxy Yes 73 7/8 01:36
22Matt Kirk 214.0%Clear Galaxy Yes 43 9/30 13:49 dont just fight explore
23Carl The Great and P 210.3%Standard Yes203 1/7 13:23 That was fun! Give me a year and I can do it again!
24Agapeman 209.1%Clear Galaxy Yes20311/22 06:48 All this fighting to deliver one pizza to Betazed???
25npa 208.5%Clear Galaxy Yes 83 7/13 02:20


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