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The CD-ROM version might be for you if:

  1. You hate downloading.
  2. Your CD drive looks empty without one.
  3. So many Klingons, so little time.
  4. Your friends don't own any CDs with their name on it.
  5. You like cool space photos, especially real ones.
  6. You have multiple machines.
  7. The stars are calling to you.
  8. You are the best starship captain on your block.
  9. You frequently change computers.
  10. And the number one reason to buy Star Trek for Windows 9x on CD-ROM is...
  11. You like saving money! That's right, you get both Star Trek for Windows 9x and the Solar System Designer PLUS all the extras like cool space backgrounds and demos of Andy3ware software on a personalized CD-ROM for just $29.99!

Just compare!

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Star Trek
Star Trek


19.99   Included
Solar System Designer 14.99 Included
Extra Solar Systems Download Included
Language Packs Download Included
Backgrounds -     Included
CD-ROM -    


Shipping -     FREE
 TOTAL 34.98 29.99

The CD-ROM includes the full registered version of Star Trek for Windows, the full registered version of the Solar System Designer, with step-by-step tutorial, all the available solar systems, and language packs. Not only that, but I won't let you get out of date. For every downloadable Star Trek or Solar System Designer upgrade I provide on my web site, CD owners can get their CD upgraded to the latest version.  Instructions included with the CD.


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